Wright’s Mesa Historical Society

The Wright’s Mesa Historical Society (WMHS) exists to preserve and promote the history of Wright’s Mesa and its residents. The WMHS has established the first museum of Wright’s Mesa in the Old Log Cabin at 1655 Summit Street in Norwood.

For more information or to join, please contact Betty Greager or Barbara Youngblood.

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Below are webisodes of Norwood’s Old West, presented by the Norwood Chamber of Commerce and the Wright’s Mesa Historical Society. Local author and historian, the late Howard Greager, recounts some of his favorite history and stories in and around Norwood, Colorado.


Episode 1 – History of Norwood, Part 1

Episode 2 – History of Norwood, Part 2

Episode 3 – Butch Cassidy

Episode 4 – The McCarty Gang

Episode 5 – Shootout Near Norwood

Episode 6 – The Grand Ball and 1st Pioneer Day