Star Spangled Saturday is June 30

Norwood’s 8th annual Star Spangled Saturday, a town-wide community event sponsored by the Norwood Fire Department, happens on June 30. Traditionally, it’s a Fourth of July-themed celebration that also honors the local fire protection district, invites citizens to consider joining the team as a volunteer firefighter and welcomes donations. But, for the public, it’s also a free event that gets people out to socialize and enjoy a meal.

For Norwood Fire Chief Joe Conway, it’s a first. He said he looks forward to seeing the event and getting a feel for it.

“I want to see how active it is, how much community participation, and I’ve got a lot of ideas,” he said. “There’s not going to be any changes this year, just the typical format — the parade, followed up by a barbecue. But, it’s on my list of things to tackle. I just don’t know a lot about it.”

Conway agreed that Carrissa Reiner, volunteer firefighter who helps produce Star Spangled Saturday, is the resident expert on the event. Reiner said it’s one she dearly loves.

“I can’t wait to see everybody out, and have the water play with the kids versus the firefighters. I’m looking forward to it!” Reiner said.

Conway has said he’s gotten some feedback from folks who say there is a similar event in Nucla and Naturita. The Water Days celebration there often does happen at the same time. Conway said he wants to support the Water Days event too, and doesn’t want to take away from the surrounding communities’ festivities.

“I’ve heard they have a lot of success, which I am happy for and want to make sure both events complement each other,” he said.

As Conway looks at Start Spangled Saturday for the first time, he said he’s considering ideas for the future that include a possible 5K race. He has helped produce events like that in the past and said he has had success in getting people out and involved.

“I would like to look and evaluate things and possibly grow this into a bigger community event,” he said. “Something people can really look forward to.”

Four years ago, Norwood’s Star Spangled Saturday did kick off with the Wright Stuff Challenge, a 5k/10k walk-run event for Norwood, and then people did respond positively.

This year, the community can plan for the 11 a.m. parade and the barbecue at Pig Palace at the San Miguel Basin Fairgrounds that follows. Volunteer firefighters will serve hamburgers and hot dogs, with potato salad or potato chips and drinks.

As always, water play will also happen afterward, and those who’d like to cool off by getting wet will certainly have a chance to do so.